PLAN A, B, C,….

Hey peeps, how are y’all doing? TGIF…sure you’re happy its weekend again so you can get back those few hours of sleep that work stole from you and spend time with loved ones. Some people have it all planned out, maybe a romantic dinner with bf/gf or wifey/hubby; or a blind date with that guy/girl you’ve been chatting with on BB while some are chilling indoors like my humble self, having a cozy and sweet romantic dinner with ma laptop (lol). 
So, as a professional stalker (Yes I am, find out HEREI came across this very funny picture in one of the blogs  I stalked today. My friend and I just couldn’t stop laughing, how possible is it to eat rice with chopsticks? Definitely not possible, it’s like going to fetch water with a basket. The funny part was in the end when Mr. Lecturer gave up and decided to use fork as plan B but still achieved the desired goal which was eating the rice.

Now after my laughing session, I took a second look and I thought to myself…there’s actually a lesson to learn in this. Often times in life, we find out that we really want to do something and keep trying all possible means to achieve that goal but all to no avail. It might not be too glaring but the lesson I want to point out from this picture is that though you try to do something and it fails over and over again, don’t quit. Repeat the process again and again and again but if it still proves tough then tackle it with another  strategy but no matter what, don’t give up. Even though the picture says “give up”, I understood that last step to mean that however you do it (not illegally oo), don’t let anything stop you. If plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 other letters in the alphabets  so if chopsticks strategy (Plan A) doesn’t work…use the fork (Plan B, C, D, E etc) but no matter what happens, make sure the rice gets into your stomach (make sure you achieve that dream).

Have a lovely weekend.

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