As unpredictable as the UK weather is, there was something different about today. The sun was shining brightly and the day was warm and lovely; it was a long time such weather was seen in London. The summer was taken over by rainy days and chilly winds; the leather jackets and boots that should have been resting from winter were still worn in mid-July. But this day put a smile on most faces as it still gave us hope to have a bright sunny summer, at least even if it was for a day. Umbrellas were left at home, the leather jackets were swapped for strapless tops and short kickers, boots for sandals. Everyone wanted to get a feel of the scorching sun, the parks and playgrounds were full with kids playing and running around.
It was a great day for me as well,  I had to take off my blazers at some point at work cos the heat was becoming unbearable. Tick-tock says the clock and before I knew it, the day had come to an end; time to go home and enjoy more of the weather (so I thought). It was about 6:15pm when I boarded the bus home, I brought out my ear-piece to listen to my favourite playlist (it helps take your mind off the journey) and my eyes closed as I swayed my head back and forth to the rhythm of the song. After about 6 minutes, I opened my eyes to keep track of the journey so as not to miss my bus-stop. I was shocked at what I saw; the very sunny bright weather was now gloomy, it was raining heavily and people were running into the nearest shelter to shield themselves from the rain. I looked around and I could sense panic from the people sitting around me in their summer outfits without umbrellas. I was not left out in the panic attack…my suede shoes, my bag, my hair, mogbe oh!!! I don enta today…who send me message? My umbrella always stays in my bag, I don’t leave home without it but today, I decided to leave it at home.  I for carry my umbrella ohhhh. All these were going through my head, my stop was another 7 minutes and I was thinking of how soaked I will be before I got home, how messed up my shoes will be and all what not. It was not funny at all.  But guess what??? Lo and behold…when I got to my bus stop, the rain had subsided, it was just the chilly wind trying hard to blow my weaves off my head (lol). And then I asked myself what all the panic was for? I was beating myself up for nothing because the problem I was worried about was solved even before I got to that point.
That is how life is…many times we worry ourselves over things that we should not be worried about right now. We put ourselves through a lot of pain and trouble cos we’re trying so hard to run faster than our minds; trying to do something before the time comes. There is a popular cliché that says “when you get to the bridge you’ll cross it” – but this is actually true cos it re-echoes what the bible tells us in Philippians 4:16 to be anxious for nothing. When you panic, it literally worsens the case cos all you can imagine is every possible negative outcome. It drowns your faith and dominates you with fear.
Today you may be worried about your future, your job, your relationship, marriage, family, or life in general. My advice to you is DO NOT PANIC, don’t worry that things are not going the way you want it. You may have envisaged how badly things will end or how creepy it may turn out…just relax. What you have in your head is different from what He’s planned for you. Be calm and know that He who sees tomorrow is working behind the scenes of your life and will help you cross that bridge when you get there.  Relinquish the moment, enjoy every bit of your day, relax yourself, cast your cares on him and let him worry about your tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend.

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