OOPS!!! That moment when your thumb hits the “SEND” button and you realize you mistakenly sent a text message meant for your boyfriend to your father OR just sent an email meant for your colleague to your manager. #oh!No!!!

Yeah, I got trapped in that today. I was to send out a text message for a surprise party to someone and mistakenly sent it to a group that had the celebrant. The funny thing is I initially wanted to create a new group excluding the celebrant but thought to myself, “I won’t make that mistake” and yeah right…I didn’t *covers face* When I realized what had happened, you needed to see how I almost ripped off the button that should cancel the sending but it was too late. Once that “SEND” button was pressed, there was no going back, no matter what I did. Few seconds later, I felt really funny cos the party is supposed to be a surprise and now I’ve ruined it. It took a while before I let it go but I just had to cos the damage had already been done; I just prayed the message never delivers to him or his eyes just won’t see it, loll. After beating up myself for screwing up, I sat back to reflect on how it happened. The truth is, I was a bit pissed at something before sending the message and if I was more cautious I would have noticed the message recipient had more than one contacts in it. I should have also made sure that I was sending to the right person but I didn’t check. But as soon as the damage was done, my eyes opened. 

Many times we find ourselves in this position in life usually in our words or actions towards others. We say or do things that we did not mean to do which indirectly hurts others; once a word proceeds from your lips, you can’t take it back. These may be in response to what someone told you (which may not even be true), what you saw or read or maybe your imaginations. In that moment of anger, we fall into the “OOPS!” moment and never realize what damage has been done until it actually happens. This has cost us friendship, relationships, marriages, promotion at work, etc. There will always be that soft voice nudging you to calm down/take a second look before you do what’s in your mind. Let’s say you apologize like I tried to cancel the message from sending… but something has happened and inside you, you’ll feel really bad cos if you thought about the words you said before it left your mouth-maybe you wouldn’t have said it. You’ve left a crack somewhere on the wall without knowing. 

But thank God, unlike my cancel button, relationships and all the “…ships” can be mended but we should pay more attention to details. Be more careful; before you unleash/react, ask yourself what will be the effect of my action/word. If you make that mistake, what will be the result? Instead of beating yourself up later, think first before acting cos it will minimize the “had I known(s)” and “if only(s)”. 
So what OOPS moment have you experienced lately? Pls share in the comment box below

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