Hi peeps, guess y’all been  having a fruitful week. The month of February ends today and I hope we were all able to accomplish our goals and target for the month. I can’t say I got all I wanted but I’m grateful to God for everything, He’s been so so so faithful and loving so I look forward to the next month with greater expectations. I’m back to London and I promised more pictures from Aberdeen, so I’m just gonna post them, some of them are crazy but I guess that’s the whole aim of having fun. Sometimes you go out of the norm and just do funny things

More pictures after the cut

Time to ping and pong
Lovely view from Jimmy Chung..didnt know Aberdeen had a beach
Pearl, Omo, Debbie, Oby and Joan 
Being naughty..honestly don’t know what i was saying

Close-up advert…shine ya teeth
Moi et Oma
Birthday girl…surprise from Jimmy Chung
Kevwe and cousin
Plenty food to chop

Plenty pix right? I had to stop adding but these were the highlights of the trip. I went for the birthday and didnt go many places cos of the weather. When next i travel to somewhere i’ll take more pixs and i hope it would be summer so there won’t be cold to stop my movement.


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