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There can never be enough words to talk about money or to explain what money does and how it works. We can never get enough of it, always striving for more and aiming to increase our bank accounts with an extra zero by the side. But one thing I learnt today is that “money amplifies your character”. Nothing reveals the inner thoughts of a man’s heart or character such as money. Why is it that some people become arrogant or selfish when money is involved? Suddenly brothers kill each other; plotting evil strategies just because of money, trust is betrayed and some people don’t mind ruining long time relationships with friends just to get what they want. But looking back at how these people lived before the incidents caused by money, you’ll find out that most of them are said to be gentle, calm and cool-headed. This may be true but like the bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Money has a power/force behind it and it can either work positively or negatively depending on how you choose to let it function in your life. When you worship money and see it as a major priority that you are willing to do absolutely anything to get, then you’re going to dine with the devil. But if you see money as a necessary commodity to meet your needs, then you’ll be activating the positive influence of money. Don’t have the mentality of ‘get rich or die trying’ cos you may die in the process. It doesn’t have to be physical death but when you are a walking corpse as a result of your evil deeds, it’s as good as being dead. Don’t let the love of money get into your head so much that it forms the basis of your decisions and over-shadows your sense of reasoning. Learn to control money at your own pace, let it be a means to solving problems instead of allowing it use your head to cause more problems.
Also, what we do with money shows our priority and what we’re really committed to in life. How do you spend your money? (I’m not trying to tell you how to, justasking). Do you invest your money or do you squander it cos it’s just too much? Are you thinking of only yourself (that’ll be selfish, #justsaying) or do you think of helping others? Do you prefer to step on the beggar at the entrance to a club and go in to spray money on strip dancers or will you have compassion and spare him some change? Are you stingy because you made your money through so many struggles? Have you decided not to pay your tithe because you think pastors are eating your money? The truth is where you spend majority of your money is where your heart lies and shows what you’re committed to.
Luke 12:34, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”
Do you love money? Don’t let it control you, do the right thing and it’ll gravitate towards you. You don’t have to chase it with haughty eyes…it’ll come naturally.
Do you have too much money and thinking of how to spend it? Put it into good use to enjoy your life and to uplift others. Invest it & help the needy
Are you wondering what best investments to make with your money? Be a kingdom fnancier and invest in spreading the word of God round the world. It has the best returns ever, it’s stock and shares are to infinity – good measure, pressed down, shaking together and running over J
Are you stingy with money? Learn to give cos money will naturally gravitate to people who know how to use it. If you don’t use it, it’ll slip away. Also, it’s only when your hand is open that you’ll be able to receive more.
Are you suddenly proud cos you just added some zeros to your bank account? Watch it…pride goeth before a fall; it is just money not a ticket to heaven. Even if it were, you may not get there cos of your pride.
Finally my sweeties, MONEY IS GOOD, it solves a lot of problems. Just don’t let it control you cos it’ll mess with you mercilessly. As for me I’m an ATM (Associate of The Most High) and I intend to invest my money in the kingdom, take this decision with me and you’ll be a walking ATM machineJ

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