Sometimes you wonder if this kinda love exists, but sure it does. 

On December 27th 2011, one month after her wedding to Chris Draft, Lakaesha ended her battle with lung cancer. Tears rolled down my eyes as I watched the clips from their wedding day, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of man Chris was. I was so touched by his firm commitment to Lekeasha, the fact that he stood by her through her battle with lung cancer even till death.  To many people, the thought of marrying someone who is followed closely by an oxygen tank is unfathomable andtoo much to bear but Chris’ love for Kaesha endured till the end.
When we talk about LOVE, some people really do not know what it means. Its very easy for us to talk the talk, but how many of us can walk the walk? Love is a journey, one that we would all embark on one day; but the truth is that it is not an easy one to take. In this journey, the storms will come, there will be fire, there will be trials and there will be challenges. How long can you be willing to endure when these obstacles get in your way? Will u be able to paddle the boat when the tides set in? Will you back out because it’s too much for you to handle? Will you leave your partner during a fire? Watch a clip from their wedding.

 Some people want a life that is all rosy and sweet, they cannot handle challenges when they come. Imagine one leg carrying the whole weight of the body, soon the leg will become weak and cannot stand any more. This is what happens when you leave your partner to go through this journey alone. Today is valentine’s day so when you tell that special person I LOVE YOU, be sure you’re willing to go through it all. I pray God gives us the grace to love through thick and thin cos it can only be by His grace.

The happy couple

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