I love “LOVE” from the letter “L”. It’s not a surprise since I narrowly eacaped 14th February as my birthday. I’m sure I kicked my mum’s stomach so hard but I still didn’t make it…ended up arriving in the morning of 15th February. 

It’s a beautiful thing to love and be loves but this our “microwave” generation has made this word of null effect. People say “I love you” for different reasons – to cajole you into bed; to trick you to get money; to prevent you from crying when they’re happily cheating on you etc.

It’s so over-rated that “I love you” can now be categorised with words like “good morning” or “hello”. Irrespective of how cliche this word has become, it can be said in so many ways without vocalising it. But it’s no news that ladies are moved by what we hear, so we end up falling for the words and forget to observe if the actions match the words. The dictionary shows that the word “Love” is a verb not a noun; therefore this means it is an action word, to be acted upon. 

It’s the valentines season and I can imagine how many “I love you(s)” will be said wrongly. If you have to show someone you love them, let your actions match your words. Let it be seen from the look in your eyes, that charming smile, words of appreciation & affirmation or that soft gentle touch. Say it like you really mean it, and mean it from deep inside. If not, please just stick to “I really like you”. 

Let your love be felt by the heart rather than the ears. Show it more than you say it. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. 

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