What is the first thing you notice or look out for when you see someone? Their pretty face, hair-do/hair-cut, eyes, nose, ears, shoes? I have a friend who looks out for people’s dentition (loll, weird right?); another friend looks at the way you walk. Well, people are different and have different things they look out for when they see others but there’s gotta be more to someone than what you can see on the outside. Most times we never get the chance to really see people for who they are, we miss out on the beautiful part of that person because we have chosen to magnify the part of them that doesn’t seem perfect in our eyes.

There are people who almost never see the good in others; they are known to always dwell on the shortcomings they perceive in other people. Even when others make good remarks about someone, they would most likely inject something negative into it. For instance, a negative-thinking person would possibly say, “Yes, her dress is beautiful, but she is overweight.” They would rather dwell on what they perceive as deficient in others than pay simple compliments even when deserved. What a wrong way to live. Those who act in this manner don’t realize that the negative attitudes they exhibit can only entrench them deeper in the mud of misery. Some people can’t see the good in others, especially because they can’t see the good in themselves; so they often criticize and pick on other people. We should dwell on the fine and good things in others. This is so important because observing and appreciating the good in others isn’t about making them happy; it’s about building a strong and positive character as you allow the outflow of good things from within you.  
“Always make conscious effort to appreciate others for who they are cos it’s the right thing to do. Even when you notice something wrong about others, be loving enough to point it out in a sincere manner. This is a good virtue we must cultivate”
…Chris Oyakhilome…
So when you look at that boy/girl whose nose appears big in your eyes or who looks fat in your eyes….look for the good in that person and appreciate them for who they are. Also see the good in yourself and it will reflect in the way you see others…there’s more than meet the eyes so focus on the best part and magnify that part in others.

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