KEEP AT IT….don’t stop now

It was early in the morning and in my usual manner, I opened the message and broadcasted to all my contacts. This had become a daily routine and a necessary one before setting off for the day. I made sure I sent the broadcast even though some of my contacts were getting tired of the frequent ping sounds waking them up early in the morning. On the other hand, some will call my phone countless times screaming “where’s the word for today?” or ping me 10 times requesting for the daily dose of morning devotion if mistakenly send it late. Once someone asked if I overslept (lol)…It felt good to know that there were also people who the message affected positively. While using BB, I felt I could affect my world if I can connect to people all over the world and that was why I decided to start the morning broadcasts.
Somehow, after almost 3years of practising a habit which; I had to give up my blackberry smart phone L. It was a tough decision but a necessary one to make.  I decided to let go of the BB and that would mean ending my daily messages. I thought for a while and knew that there could be a remedy somehow; “whatsapp” became the new bbm to me and I tried to get as many people as possible to add me to their phone. It felt good to know that I could still reach out to people from my little corner. So this very morning, about an hour after I sent the messages I received the chat below.

I was so grateful to God that I didn’t give up on my daily routine. I was glad I didn’t let it go with my BB, there was this joy inside that I couldn’t explain. Many of us have not come to that point in life when you don’t feel like living anymore, but whoever that lady was I knew what she was talking about and only the word of consolation from God can have such power to give one hope to live again.
What am I trying to say? Lives are affected by the little things we do and most times we never know. Whatever it is that you do to impact lives, KEEP AT IT, don’t stop now. It doesn’t matter that people don’t notice the good deeds you have done; maybe you haven’t received the kind of approval or commendation that you desire from people…don’t stop doing it. Don’t stop helping people, don’t stop doing good; go the extra mile to help someone, live everyday with the thought of putting a smile on someone’s face. You never know what life you may preserve tomorrow. You are God’s outstretched arm to your world and He sees and knows what you do; you should seek His approval and only Him can give you the kind of reward you desire.

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