If you’re one of those who always use this sentence – “I don’t believe things till I see them”, then this article is for you. To help you understand it better, I’m going to ask you some questions.

Q. 1 – How many times have you gone to an airline to request for the certificate of qualification for the pilot before you boarded the plane? Pls tell me, how many times? I guess you walked majestically up that staircase and smiled when the cabin crew welcomed you aboard. Then you fastened your seat belt, pulled your chair backwards and immediately the plane leapt into the air, your eyes closed. The next time you open your eyes will be the landing announcements saying you have arrived your final destination. This means that you trusted the pilot (who you did not even see) to take you from Point A to Point B, right? What if he/she was a learner? loll

Q. 2 – Have you ever had a surgery? If you haven’t, you may have a friend/family member who has had one. OK, I’ll use myself as an example. I had appendicitis operation in 2004 and all I know is that I was told a man with glasses wearing a white lab. coat was a doctor and was going to perform the surgery. I walked into the theatre, saw a very bright light and lots of surgical instruments which were all supposed to be used on my body. I just laid on the bed and surrendered myself whole-heartedly trusting the doctor and believing that whatever he’s going to do will be a success. So how many of us have asked for the doctor’s certificate before we went for surgery or medical check-ups? How do you even know the guy/lady is a doctor? Or does it mean anyone wearing a white coat is a doctor? NO…you trust that the man/woman you see in the hospital is the doctor and will handle any issues relating to your health.

Q. 3 – This question is very funny but true. When were you born? Let’s say 11/07/1980. How did you know you were born on that day? Were you there? Did you see your birth? So how do you know that date is your birthday? I’m sure your answer is –  my parents told me and I also have a birth certificate; I’m pretty sure this date will forever stick in your medula oblongata (brain) and not even the midwife who cut your umbilical cord can change your mind or tell you otherwise. So do you believe the words from your parents and some ink on paper more than the words that proceed from God? Can you hold on to The Word this way even in d midst of challenges?

Having read these questions, I’m sure you already know where I’m heading to. Today in the office, one of my colleagues said he will never believe in miracles till he sees it for himself. Why do we find it very difficult to believe/trust the word of God. We find it hard to believe that what He says is what will happen in our lives because we have clouded our minds with every possible negative outcome of whatever situation we’re facing. The most common cliché is to imagine the worst case scenario; why should you be facing challenges and thinking of the worst instead of thinking of the best scenario? After praying that God should help you with that matter, you counter your prayers by allowing negative thoughts ruin your answered prayers.

Mark 11:24 – Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire; when ye pray, BELIEVE that ye receive them and ye shall have them.

So what have you prayed for? A dream you want to see come true, a job, finances, marriage, child, family issues, etc. Do you believe that you have received your answer? You cannot have it if you don’t believe. If you read that verse clearly, it says believe and then…you shall have. This is because your believing activates the answer to your prayer. As easy as it is to believe and trust the pilot and doctor; that is the same way you should believe the power in the word of God. It is more efficient and dependable; above all, it acts with speed ASAP. Don’t wait till you see the answer first; all you need to do is JUST BELIEVE and your answer will be right there at your doorstep. 

Believe in God
Believe in yourself 
Believe in your dreams
BELIEVE THAT HE WHO HAS PROMISED, IS FAITHFUL AND JUST TO BRING HIS WORDS TO PASS IN YOUR LIFE… It’s time to sit back, relax and watch Him work in your life.

Hope this inspired you.

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