INSPIRE YOUR WORLD – Talk-Show with LynnVille (Vision, Success, Time Management)

Hey beautiful people…

The first episode of the talk show with LynnVille is finally here. The talk show is titled “INSPIRE YOUR WORLD” and in this first episode we have a very inspirational, passionate and vision driven guest speaker. This will get you fired up for the new year; it will inspire you to unleash the greatness within you and work towards achieving your dreams.
You are not a failure when you fail, you become a failure when you stop trying. 

As this is my very first talk show, I’m still working on improving a lot of things and will appreciate your honest criticism so I can get better. But most importantly, I want you to focus on the words that are spoken, let it stir up a desire in you to aim higher this year. 

If you’ve been sleeping, wake up
If you’ve been crawling, start walking
If you’ve been walking, start running
If you’ve been running, start flying
If you’ve been flying, start soaring
Whatever you do, just KEEP MOVING

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Love you guys and thanks for all your support

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