Him: Hey babe, how are you doing?
Her: I’m fye and you?
Him: I’m not so good; please can you come around
Her: I’m sorry, kinda busy. Will see you over the weekend.
Him: Pls dear, it is very important.
Her: I know it is but I really can’t, will make it up to you this weekend
Him: Ok, see you then. Bye
Her: Bye
…..and those were his last words to her. Little did she know that the weekend wasn’t going to be as she planned.  He died before she could make it up to him and all she could say was “how I wish I showed up when he needed me”. This happened to a friend’s friend. When I heard the story I asked myself if I have always been there for a friend when they needed me, have I given someone a shoulder to cry on when they needed one? Have I been able to give hope to someone when all was lost? You never know how much impact you can make by one kind gesture you decide to show someone.
Life is like a vapour that appears for a while and disappears within a twinkling of an eye, usually unpredictable. But what do we do with while we are here? What keeps us going? From my perspective, I have come to realize that there are three things that keep us moving forward each day of our lives; these are the yearnings of the human spirit and we all need these three in our daily living. They are: HOPE, FAITH and LOVE.
HOPE: This is the expectation of a desired end; a better and brighter future. Hope keeps us alive, knowing that there’s always a reason to smile, that you’ve something to hold on to; someone to talk to- a brother, sister, friend to share moments and memories with. Without hope, one could easily give up on life.
FAITH: This is the assurance that things will work out for the best; that your life will follow the path God has purposed for you. Without faith, we will only be living a life of fear and uncertainty…being tossed about without direction
LOVE: The greatest of all….love is life. Love is that enduring value of a person that gives you a sense of his/her importance to you. It determines the essence of value you place on someone; it involves an action not just a desire.
Hope is for tomorrow, faith is for now and love is forever. The human spirit constantly yearns for these three things. In essence, we all want to be happy and successful in life; but true success comes when you have impacted a life positively. It is when you are able to put a smile on someone’s face irrespective of who they are. Someone, somewhere needs your listening ears, someone needs to know you care, someone needs to look into your eyes and feel loved, and someone needs to hear the voice of hope when you speak. Be there for a friend when they need you and most importantly be there for those who love you. It may not always be easy to give of yourself, but let the thought of making an impact be your motivation. Whenever, however and whenever they call, just say…I’LL BE THERE!
Show LOVE even when it hurts
Give HOPE even in hopeless situations
Stir up FAITH in someone when they feel all is lost
I love this song and it explains this post perfectly well….I’LL BE THERE by Tiffany Evans.

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