One of the fashion items every lady should have in her wardrobe is a pencil skirt, it compliments a woman’s figure and gives her the appearance of height with a flashy elegance that shows class and sass. The power woman must have at least one pencil skirt in her collection especially for those who work in corporate offices. When you work in a bank, you’re mostly stereotyped by dress codes and all what not which is why I love Fridays because I get to wear prints and florals which are not allowed from Monday to Thursday.

So yesterday, I wore a Zara scarf print shirt and a navy blue stretch pencil skirt, finished off with Dorothy Perkins nude shoes and accessorized with simple gold earrings. The choice of a nude shoe is because nude is the new black, it compliments every outfit and  
can be easily pulled off with anything.

To get the perfect look with a pencil skirt, it’s best to tuck the shirt/blouse/top into the skirt; you can never go wrong with that look (except for a cropped top) – it accentuates your waist and flaunts your feminine shape. When you let the top fly, it nullifies the whole idea of the pencil skirt because the shirt has covered the waist and some part of the hips where the magic starts. For an added glam, you can use a waist belt if need be. 

I decided to pack my braids in a chic updo by rolling it into a bun to show my earrings

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Have a stylish and fabulous weekend. 

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