Different circumstances in life require different approaches and you have to get the desired outcome through your prayers. Many times in life we seek for changes to various situations that may be bothering us at home, in our jobs, businesses and personal life and you can only solve a problem if you know how to tackle it. I can honestly tell you that the best way to handle such issues is through PRAYERS.

But sometimes, we find out that we have prayed concerning a particular issue and it still appears to be unresolved. The question is WHY? Is it that God is not listening to me? Or is there a prayer queue in heaven and mine happens to be one of those at the end of the queue? Or is it that it is not God’s will for me to have this thing I am praying for? We all get such questions running through our mind. But guess what? The answers to all these questions is here….HOW TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY. Many times we do not know how to pray and end up waiting for  a particular thing for ages and sometimes without a change. This book will blow your mind and indeed make you somersault. From the day I got mine I have been soooo addicted and I’m loving this addiction. 

The secret to making a change is not knowing what to do, but knowing HOW to do it. Now I know what to pray about and HOW to pray about it. It will be very selfish for me to find out such an amazing secret and keep it to myself. I love you dear LVB readers and I need you to experience the kinda divine ecstacy I enjoy during moments of prayer. Lemme give you a sneak-peak into the highlights of this book…

“Every moment of prayer is an investment in eternity and true prayer is a romance of righteousness”

“Prayer helps to season our spirit as a dependable receptacle for God’s spirit and power; then we can connect to His visions, ideas and leadings more easily in order to change the world.

As you read this book, you can expect your prayer life to be revolutionalized as you open your heart to receive and practice the divine insights that will be unveiled to you. You will find the information you need to purchase your copy when you play the video below. You can also get other books on success, healing, spiritual growth, faith, etc. by same author HERE

Have a lovely week ahead.

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