There are many things in life that we can make choices over and there are also those that were chosen for us even before we were born. We had no choice over these things; one of them is the type of body we were created in and even though many of us wish we had different body types, it was not up to us to make that decision when we were born.

However, in recent times people have gone under the knife (plastic surgery, liposuction etc.) trying to artificially get the body type they want. Unfortunately not all of them have been successful; there are high rates of mistakes, lethal after-effects and in some cases loss of life.
The only reason some ladies spend thousands of pounds & dollars to modify a part of their body is because they are not comfortable in their own skin. Sadly 85% of women today have a low self-esteem which has affected their general lifestyle – academically, socially, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise. These women limit themselves from living to their maximum potential because this low self-esteem has thwarted their confidence level, causing them to devalue themselves. 
  1. ·         Do you always look down while walking in a crowd?
  2. ·         Do you often find yourself comparing your body with other people?
  3. ·         Do you become sad about the type of body you have?
  4. ·         Do you always feel like you are not beautiful, sexy enough because of your body?
  5. ·         Have you flooded your wardrobe with only black outfits because you think you are fat?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this article is for you. Here are few things you need to do to become comfortable in your own skin.
LOVE YOURSELF – Even the bible says love your neighbour as yourself so don’t think this is a vain move or a bad thing to do. You REALLY have to love yourself enough to cherish and appreciate how beautiful you truly are – both inside and outside irrespective of what anybody says. When you learn to love yourself, all you see when you look in the mirror is an artistically crafted image that is unique in its own special way. When you begin to understand this inside, you will start feeling larger than life on the outside.
WEAR CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU COMFORTABLE – Sometimes ladies try to wear clothes that obviously show they are not comfortable. If you are going to be pulling down a skirt every 5 seconds while walking then you should not have worn it in the first place if you are not comfortable showing your legs. When you do these things, you indirectly make people notice what would have normally not been noticeable on your body.  I attended a wedding last Saturday & had to choose from 2 dresses – a sexy cut-out and side slit green dress that accentuated my curves in the right places (I felt super sexy in it) but when I sit down my stomach (that is not big) will fold into 2 layers because the dress was tight. Then I had the second option of a long red dress with a covered front & low opened back but really comfortable; when I sit down there were no stomach folds. I chose the second dress even though the first was more beautiful – why? Because I felt more comfortable in the red dress. You should be able to walk, sit and stand properly in your chosen outfit of the day.
WEAR COLOURS THAT MAKE YOU GLOW – Radiant & bright colours like yellow, green, Orange, fuschia etc. have a way of making you glow. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear these colours as outfits; it could be your shoes, bag or part of your accessories. These colours make you feel bright & beautiful.
WEAR CLOTHES THAT SUIT YOUR BODY SHAPE – this is a very important criterion that many ladies overlook. A dress that will suit a triangle type of body may not look lovely on an hour glass body. On the other hand, a triangular shaped body will need a waist belt to cinch her waist to add a curve to some dresses while an hour glass doesn’t need to. Find out what type of clothes flaunts your femininity & go for these ones. PS: No exposure of your vital body parts.
EAT HEALTHY & EXERCISE – Now that you love your body & know the right clothes to wear, you need to maintain a healthy living condition & exercise regularly. You’ll definitely love the way your body feels inside & outside if you are disciplined with this point.
SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE – You need to surround yourself with people who can motivate & encourage you. People who help you see the beauty within when your physical eyes fail you. Positive words do good to the soul
LEARN TO TAKE COMPLIMENTS – Research has proven that a when a lady is complimented on her looks, she is twice more cheerful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a compliment, whether you think it’s true or false. Just smile & say thank you because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The part of your body you don’t like may be the best part in the eyes of that person.
So….with these points, you can go ahead and live your life like you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Accept who you are and celebrate every moment of your life.

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