HOW SWEET: 23-year old MIT Student Created Safety app to Keep Girlfriend Safe

Some things we do for love…but this right here is truly commendable. So there’s a new app called KitesString. There have been situations where a friend, colleague or family member told us they were going somewhere and will be back at a certain time but never made it back, this app is created to know they are safe. It is is a “safecall” service that alerts your contacts if you fail to virtually check in at designated times after going out.The app is web-based, so anyone with a phone number can sign up. Accounts, which can be created on Kitestring’s website, must be linked to a cellphone number.

Schedule a time and date for when you plan on being out and how long you think you’ll be gone. After the allotted time has passed, Kitestring sends a text message reminding you to confirm you made it home safely. Should you fail to do so, the app texts one or more designated emergency contacts with a distress message letting them know you may be in trouble. This takes the burden off those of us prone to forgetting to write our own check-in messages — provided they don’t get a distress call, friends can rest easy knowing we made it to our destination. 
Speaking to Natalie Matthews of Elle Magazine, Stephan Boyer said “The idea for Kitestring came to me in late January”. “My girlfriend, who lives in a dangerous neighborhood in San Francisco, called to ask me to check up on her as she was walking home from work one day. I wondered if there might be an app or service that could offer a little extra safety for her when she goes out at night. I originally designed Kitestring for people like my girlfriend who feel uncomfortable going out at night, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with great feedback from several other demographics, including mountain hikers, real estate agents, the online dating community, and the elderly”, says Boyer.

Awwww, this is so sweet and I think I’m gonna download this app since it’s “osho free”. plus we really need it in Nigeria especially with all these kidnapping stories, boko haram etc. 
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