Frankly speaking, I was in awe when I came across this picture. Let me analyse the situation on ground in terms of the professional ladder. This is the case of the CEO/Managing Director of a company and the least person on the ladder – a “common” cleaner as it may be referred to in some companies. It is very, very and I mean very unusual and 95% impossible for these two categories I mentioned to be found exchanging such pleasantries. But, here we see a man who is so humble that despite being the president of the most influential country in the world; he still comes down to any level to interact with people. He didn’t mind the dirty gloves on the cleaner’s hands, didn’t mind that there were people looking. The United States President is said to be the strongest man in power, and yet….(fill in the blank space cos I’m speechless). Remember the popular quote which may be seen as a cliché,  “behind every successful man is a woman”…indeed the Obamas are a wonderful couple. Michelle is a definition of simplicity and humility; how many first ladies can walk into a shop and push their trolleys to get their groceries? 

I know this cannot happen in Nigeria, the probability of it happening is 0.01%. Where will all the protocols be? Infact there willl be someone who’s specifically employed for it with the title…”PA to the First Lady on Domestic Issues” (kai…naijaaaa!!!!!).  A local government councillor’s wife, commissioner, senator or even a governor’s wife in Nigeria cannot do this let alone First Lady. There’s nothing in this life, so sometimes I wonder why the too much gra-gra (show-off and entourage) in naija. I didn’t plan on writing any article today but seeing the video below, I couldn’t help but say something about this lady.

After I saw these pictures and the video I told myself that: 

  1. Come what may, however high I go in life I will never look down on people 
  2. I will never allow power(when I get there *winks) make me treat people with disdain because in God’s eyes we are all the same.
  3. I will learn to see and think less of myself and more of others ({I’m practising already..I had you in mind while posting this, yes.. you :0)}
  4. I’ll learn to appreciate people no matter their level, the driver, cleaner, messenger, gate-man, cook, etc. These people may be tagged as “out-of-my-league” but sometimes they may be the key to unlock some doors. I once heard a colleague appreciate a driver on helping him seal a big deal with his “Oga”. That’s how relevant they can be and when you mistreat them, you may be closing a door of opportunity.

SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION. It takes nothing to be simple and humble, I hope you learnt something today. Have a lovely weekend.


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