Hey lovelies, hope you’re all doing great; and hope y’all enjoyed thanksgiving for those in The States. 

Moment of truth, if you hate Mondays and love Fridays raise up your hand…don’t lie oh Godiswatchingyou. So it’s nice to meet ya, fellow ergophobic sista n bruva, “you’re not alone” (in Michael Jackson’s voice). Some days mehnn you just get tired of sitting in front of a computer with pen and paper, to-do-list, reminders on your computer, client this, client that, meetings every now and then, deadlines to meet etc. The pressure just keeps building up and BOOM it blows up in your head, you’ve reached your elastic limit and then you go off the hook. Yeah, that was me on Tuesday as a result of accumulated issues from Monday. The picture above explains it all. I dropped my pen and closed my book, hit ctrl+alt+del and locked my system. AYAM TAYAD. And then started imagining all sorts of fun jobs I could do and still get paid well like acting (if my papa catch me), I thought about being an image consultant (as I like fashion), thought about modelling (will i be able to bare some parts when d time comes), thought about being a TV presenter/radio host (I kuku like to talk). All these while, my colleague who sits opposite me was just wondering if I was ok. When I told him my mind, he quickly started telling me how his partner can hook me up with his cousin who’s a movie producer except I’ll have to move to California…oyibo pple sha. Anyways, after all my fantasies, I decided to step away from my desk for a while and naughty me…I was taking pictures (at least it helped to take clear my head a lil bit) cos all work and no play….you know the rest. 

I am grateful to God that I have a job-a source of income, but I want to do something I really have passion for. In the mean time….I’ll put in my best in this job and acquire all the knowledge I can. It’s one thing to know what you want and another thing to go for it; but first you have to be fully equipped to embark on that journey after you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone. Watch out for this diva…she’s going to do big things. See some of my ergophobia pictures below. Errmm…the pictures are not so sharp, better image quality soon. Christmas wishes – Canon HDR Camera. God send santa-claus my way..heheee

(Ergophohobia, derived from the Greek “ergon” (work) & “phobos” fear:  fear of work)
Lynn’s definition – fear of work when it wants to blow out your medula oblongata.

Another day of ergophobia…
Btw, I’m loving my new hair. Everyone’s been asking what hair it is, Mongolian  Cambodian, Malaysian ..etc even hair I didnt know existed. lolll….So its a WIG. I just style it to look like it’s fixed.  Got bored of long wavy hair and wanted a new look.
DISCLAIMER: Don’t get it twisted, I’m a good employee with 100% performance rating, yels yels. But…there is a BUT, some days you just need to take a break and breathe. Don’t  go and start slacking in your job oh or giving excuses that you’re ergophobic. I no tell u dat one. 

Have a lovely weekend sweeties

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