The word “jealousy” could mean many things like the fear of being displaced by someone else in a relationship, apprehensive of losing affection or position or envying another’s success. But it also means being vigilant in guarding something you love and cherish, being possessive and watchful in protecting that which you love. In many relationships, when someone gets jealous over you it shows that they actually value you, it shows that your presence in their life means a lot to them and for that reason they do not want to lose you to another. But sometimes jealousy transforms into being possessive which goes beyond just being in love with the person. The possessiveness causes the person to watch you, monitor you, and in some cases even hire someone to follow you everywhere you go so they can keep tabs on your every move. 

So I met this guy some years ago; I had known him from childhood. My parents took me to his house every Sunday but I never really paid attention to him until I was in my early 20s. He was so sweet, big, strong and amazing; he kept asking to take our friendship to the next level but I always had a dodgy answer every time. We were friends already, we chat once in a while so I wanted to keep things as “just friends” aka the friend zone. I never gave a straight forward answer, sometimes I’ll lead him on and then turn around and hurt him just to see if he’ll reduce his proposal but he never stopped. So one day, a friend talked me into trying to give him a chance; I reluctantly and grudgingly accepted to go on a date. Just one date and I was sprung – hook, line and sinker. I knew this was love but it was a different kind of feeling cos it was not just butterflies in my stomach, it was more like electric waves running through my veins. He held my hands, pulled me into his warm embrace and I felt just like a baby wrapped in the arms of love. Oh…please don’t think this was another player trying to use sweet words on me; he was different, gentle as a dove and in his presence I felt a peace I had never felt before. I felt protected. After this date, a lot of things changed about me because he brought out the best in me, helped me excel in my academics, showed me the path of life, the true meaning of success and pointed me in the direction for a purpose driven life. He was all I ever needed and asked for. Simply amazing…

But somehow, someday…I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and felt so burdened that I lost track of his love. No, it wasn’t him-it was me. I started feeling like I didn’t need him that much, felt like there was something I was missing. I just thought I needed a break for a while so I stopped calling him as often as I should have and reduced the communication. As loving as he was he never left; he still stayed and tried to persuade me to stay but I was blinded by the world and my blurred vision of his love. In the end he moved aside and just watched me walk away; but he never left. He hired a guardian angel to walk with me every step I take, to monitor every move I make and to make sure I don’t fall by the way side. He watched me make some mistakes so I could learn from them, he watched me fail sometimes so I could rise again; he watched me go through some pain so I could become stronger… he just stood one place and all he did was watch and make sure no harm came to me. At some point in my life, I looked back and remembered his love… I knew it was naturally impossible for him to take me back after I had been with other guys who loved me less but I just thought I should try. I went back with tears in my eyes and he took me back. What an unconditional love…

God’s love is unconditional and he is soooooo jealous over you that he just can’t imagine you with someone else. He is that possessive and will do anything to fight for you even when you act like you don’t need him. He will not force his love on you but will be watchful over you, guarding you through life’s troubles and heartaches. He loved you so much that he gave up the most precious gift he had just to have your love. Can you not feel it? Don’t let the cares of this world burden you, don’t let your heart get worried/weary; just cast all your cares on him cos he cares. His jealousy makes him do crazy things for you – remember David & Goliath? It was humanly impossible for a little boy to defeat a giant but I tell people – even if it’s something that God had never done before for anyone, He’ll do it for me if I need it. David defeating Goliath was the first of its kind ever… it sounds cliche’ but his love causes protocols to be broken for your sake, it breaks the highest Guinness World Record ever; He goes above and beyond for you. I realized this a long time ago and it can happen for you too… just let him love you jealously and fight for you, that’s all he asks. Will you let him?

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