Hi peeps, welcome to a new week. I hope y’all enjoyed the weekend. Today I want to encourage you on three things:

1. Believe in yourself and work towards your dreams. It doesn’t matter what discouragements or hiccups you may have faced on your path, all you need to do is BELIEVE. 

2. Let your life be hid in Christ, let everything you do revolve around Him. Make him a priority in your life and  work towards having a beautiful relationship with him. Ladies, don’t let your guards down, don’t trade your love for God for a man because you need HIM to find the right him.  Find out your worth here A WOMAN’S WORTH, don’t loose it.
3. Love truly…don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Don’t go in if you are not ready to stay in it; learn to work it out together when the fire comes. When love is true, it will endure all things. This article  LOVE THAT ENDURES will inspire you.

Have a beautiful week.

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