Often times I’ve heard guys say there are more women in the world than men (we agree) but my ears tingled when I heard a guy say that because there are more women than men, it will be a favour if a guy asks for a lady’s hand in marriage. I strongly disagree because it is the woman who’s doing you a very huge favour. 

Have you ever wondered why a man has to kneel down to propose to a lady while the lady stands or sits? Because this is a very BIG request to make; it is one of the biggest decision in a woman’s life when choosing a life partner so if she says YES to you…you should be grateful and honored. Marriage does not necessarily validate a woman as much as it validates a man even though our societies today make it seem so. There are some roles a man will never be considered for if he is not married eg politics, religious positions and some times in the professional sector.
As a man, you need to prove that you can effectively manage a home before some high responsibilities can be given to you. So you need a woman to validate you if you’re thinking of climbing some heights.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying we do not need the men but you need us more. Many guys are babies until they meet a woman who can organise their life and help position them in the direction they ought to go. Little wonder Proverbs 18:22 says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”. I’m sure some guys will read this and say, there are many fishes in the ocean. I agree with you my dear; infact why should you even eat the same soup everyday for the rest of your life abi? Don’t forget that “awoof dey run belle”; when you eat egusi (melon) soup, okro, edikaikong, oha in one day you’ll definitely end up shitting your intestines out in the toilet. Yes, same goes with the ladies. You get 5 – 10 in one week, your pocket gets dry and you’ll be lucky to escape without an STD. You can get any girl to satisfy your sexual desires but 50 random side chics can never be compared to one faithful, loyal, devoted, committed, trustworthy, reliable, diligent, intelligent, strong, virtuous, beautiful and “sexy” wife (the mother of your kids and life companion). Side chics come and go but a wife will stick with you forever. I’m sure you know the difference – so I won’t bore you with explanation. It takes more than sex for a woman to stick with you for the rest of her life. So when you’ve made up your mind on that special woman, and you have chosen that lovely ring; don’t just ask her to marry you like you’re asking her to accompany you on a 5 hours road trip. Make it a memorable request cos she will always remember it to be one of her biggest and greatest decisions in life. 

Guys you better ask nicely to avoid this scenario…loll

1) Marriage – Endurance Trek or Enjoyment Trip? She’s trusting you with her life.
2)Accepting to marry you will be a life sentence (totally committing her mind/body/soul to you after God)… it is not a minor step to take because who she chooses to take this step with will determine how the rest of her life plays out. Endurance or Enjoyment?
3)She accepts to be by your side through thick and thin; her priorities make a strategic shift as she builds her walls around you. 
4) Her body goes through the changes of childbirth hoping that you will not call her fat or ugly when this time comes.
5)When a woman says YES, it means she believes in your dreams, she sees you as her pillar, leader and guide. She sees her world through your eyes, accepting to submit to you all the days of her life.
6) Does she trust you to keep her happy forever? YES & NO – Yes because with the man she knows at this moment, she believes he will. No because change is a constant thing and believe it or not people change (for better/worse) but she doesn’t know what you’ll change into now. Regardless, she still says YES and jumps off a cliff hoping that you’ll be down there to catch her. 
7) Saying YES to you is taking a big investment risk – it’s just like gambling on her future. Since people change, will your change be for her to endure or to enjoy the rest of her life?
8) Sometimes she may have to change jobs/location/culture to be with you leaving behind all her past and embracing you – her future. 

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