I’m INSPIRED MUCH!!!!!!!!! He’s only 15 years old….wow!

There are just some things that should not be overlooked or seen as being common. Such things are videos like this that send electric waves down your spine (dunno about you) but when I watch stuff like this, my mind starts thinking. When I was 15, what was I doing? How was my level of thinking? Watching David has given me hope in African youths; it goes to show that where there is a WILL there is a WAY. All you need is focus and determination. I was particularly endeared to the fact that David did not have the resources he needed at his disposal, he took cables from the trash…unbelievable. He turns trash into treasures, at 15. 

Then I look at some youths today who will give many excuses why they have not been able to pass their simple maths and English exam. You were even privileged too be taught in a school and yet you still complain, ah…I wish I could be 15 again and beg God to give me mind-blowing ideas. The other day I read about 3 Nigerian girls who created a generator powered by urine, even though it may be dangerous…I applaud them for their initiative. There are many more Davids in our society today and I want to encourage you to be focused on your passion, start with whatever you have and gradually work your way to realization of your dreams. 

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