FRIENDS….the spices that add flavour to life.

You know that awkward moment when you get so pissed at a friend and you’re really mad that you can’t even talk to someone about it. This kinda mixed feeling that you really don’t know where to place it cos you’re so hurt, pained but still love her/him. Yeah…I guess you’ve felt same too.
And so I was at this point and no matter how I tried to forget it or laugh it off, I still missed my friend cos all I wanted to do was share how my day went with her but I just couldn’t. I finally opened up to someone…I just poured out my heart and after I was done I was expecting him to be on my side but guess what? He didn’t, instead he reminded me that we all have flaws as humans  and that these flaws sometimes get in the way without the person knowing how much they have affected the other. Those words struck a chord inside of me. Here was a friend helping me to sort out an issue caused by another friend and I realised that no matter how pissed/angry/paranoid we may get at friends; they are the spice that helps add flavour to our everyday life. Reminiscing on days spent together, memories of fun, joy and laughter; I thanked God that I had friends to share those moments with and that she was part of it.
Imagine having only pepper in your meal or just salt; it will have an funny taste but in order to get the flavour that will trigger an appetite, you’ll need a mixture of the hot & spicy, the sweet & sour to produce a perfect meal. Some friends are there to help you get stronger and some are there to give you a shoulder to lean on, some are there to push you so hard that you come out of your comfort zone while some will piss you off that the only way to come out of it is to love them twice as much as they’ve pissed you off.
So in our everyday life, learn to live, laugh and love cos being in a world without people to share the awesome experience with will just not be worth it. Appreciate a friend today, tell them how much you love them even when they get you mad or vice-versa. Celebrate them when you can and be a spice that adds flavour to their life.
TO ALL MY FRIENDS…..I LOVE YOU, thanks for adding flavour to my everyday life and plsssssssss I’m sorry if I’ve gotten you angry at any point. I hope I can still be a spice in your pot of soup (loll) as you have been in mine.


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