Ugochi Ezeala, popularly known as Gucci Ezeala is our “Fashion Icon” of the month. Gucci is a medical doctor, she obtained her degree at St. George’s University School of Medicine, West Indies, Grenada. From my previous article on “Dress To Kill” I said fashion is something you possess inside which reflects on the outside and Gucci is a true reflection of this statement. Having known her from FGGC, Owerri; she always stands out both academically and otherwise. As a deputy head-girl she composed herself in every manner to leave good examples for her juniors (like me) and as at then,  still had the fashion thingy going on even with our restricted uniforms (lol). There will always be something about her day-wear, or her outing uniform; her sandals or slippers. So that was a fashionista in the making who was just waiting to be unleashed. 

Gucci kills it with style, whatever the occasion (casual, trad), whatever the weather (summer/winter),  so LynnVille had a quick chat with Gucci about her style and this is what she shared with us. 

What does fashion/style mean to you?
Simply put, my style is a way for me to express my creativity, personality, and originality. Fashion affords me the opportunity to express the artsy side of me. It balances out my geeky/nerdy side and it makes me happy… lol. I am yet to experience a sad moment in my life, that retail therapy did not make me a “liiiiitttttle” bit better! hahaha
What inspires your style? 
My style is inspired by my mood on most days, trends on some days, and the event I am going to on other days. A few people that I consider fashion icons also inspire my style. I usually try to be creative when I put pieces together.

It’s spring now & summer is fast approaching, what kind of clothes would you suggest to look glam this season?
I love floral prints, and bright colored pieces, and I think they always look nice if well put together. Maxi dresses look elegant, and spring/summer is the best time to wear them.

Your hair is always on point, how do you pick your hair styles?
When it comes to my hair, I always keep it simple. I am tender headed, and I honestly don’t enjoy the pain of getting my hair done. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of getting my hair done. I pick my hair styles based on the weather, so in the summer, I tend to go for something, light or shorter, and in the winter, I go for braids, longer or “big” hair. I am a girly girl, so I like a lot of curls! 
You’re a doctor & a fashionista.. How do you do it?
Before I wanted to become a doctor, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I have always loved fashion, for as long as I can remember. My dad is very fashionable, so as a little girl, I would always admire the way he dressed and his ability to put pieces together nicely. And when I gained admission into medical school, my dad while giving me advice said, “Medical school is not about wearing blue shoe and handbag, and it is not a fashion parade, now that you have decided to go to Medical school, you have to put fashion aside, because you cannot do both!” I looked at him thinking, “You must be joking!” Even through the stress of Medical school, my passion for fashion became stronger than ever; I would spend many hours shopping online, reading fashion blogs/ magazines, instead of reading my books… lol. Even though, I am living my dream of being a doctor, I plan to pursue my passion for fashion in the near future. (Watch out for Guccis’s fashion blog soon)

The fashionista using her gifted hands

What’s your best fashion item?
A smile and confidence! These might not necessarily be considered “items” but I think they go a long way to put the POW in every ensemble.

Finally, what advice would you leave with us about fashion?
Fashion is what you make of it.
There is no rule to fashion; it does not have to be high-end and expensive to be considered fashionable. Always remember to stay true to your personality, and wear clothes and accessories that you feel most comfortable in. It’s ok to follow trends, but you can also be a trendsetter. Finally, don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and try new things. While confidence is key.
Gucci featured on Bella Naija Red Carpet at the 2012 Music Meets Runway (Lagos)
Nice combo… She knows how to work it with blazers 
Ada mara nma…she killed the oleku & one-strap trad
Amazing colours…she always gets it right
Perfect casual outfit…she nailed it
Who says you can’t rock your fashion in winter/spring???
Stepping out in animal prints
Beautiful, peaceful & gentle….

Which outfit is your best? I’ll say all of them, drop your thoughts below and be sure to check back for more fashion updates.

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