Exclusive Interview with CEO/Creative Designer of Ms Makor – ANITA ADEBISI

Exclusive Interview with CEO/Creative Designer of Ms Makor – ANITA ADEBISI

Ms Makor is undoubtedly one of the elegant luxury brands in the Nigerian fashion industry.  The label has charmed its way into the hearts of people who love creative designs.  It is a brand that caters for women who understand how to work fashion with style. An Ms Makor lady embraces avant garde fashion & understands simple elegance. The label fuses fashion & art with couture-like craftsmanship, ornate fabrics, structure and bold detailing which are the brand’s signature. In 2010, Ms Makor designed a collection for DAVIVA for the advert campaign of their new fabrics.

Anita Adebisi is the creative designer/CEO of the Ms Makor brand, a graduate of Igbinedion University. During our university days I always knew Anita as someone who loved fashion and i am very happy to see her become established in something she loves. Her passion towards achieving her goal and the determination to see it come to reality inspired me a lot. She granted LynnVille an interview on how she started and what motivated her; she also leaves an advice for young people aspiring to start a business. I hope this interview inspires you as much as Anita has inspired me.

Lynn: What motivated you to start designing?
Anita: I started designing out of my passion for style. I love creating not just clothes, but anything that has to do with art. Following that, I took some courses that would enlighten me more about the fashion industry because designing is really more than sketching & production. My motivation is actually the story every outfit can tell and the diverse ways it can be interpreted by different women. Being able to imagine and create a total look on paper, seeing it in reality is a great thing.
Lynn: How did you feel in the beginning with the competition going on in the Nigerian fashion industry?
Anita: Well in the beginning, i knew i had to see beyond where I was, I didn’t compare myself with other people because everyone started somewhere of course. I knew I had to strive to be better and learn more daily. I understood that there is time for everything ((you know), a time to sow and a time to reap. When you understand that, you won’t compete. Definitely I’m not where I want to be, but I’m progressing!
Lynn: How long have you been designing fabrics and how do you come up with such amazing designs?
Anita: I have been designing since 2010. Different things inspire me at different times, so that determines what I create at that particular period. But i have things that guide me in designing; my design aesthetic is creating timeless pieces way beyond trends and the mix of fashion & art is key to my brand’s philosophy.
Lynn: From your lovely outfits, i can see you are a stylish and classy lady, what does fashion mean to you in general?
Anita: In general fashion to me means freedom to explore different looks, try colours, just do whatever as long as you look at the mirror and know you would walk outside in confidence! Fashion should not be taken too seriously u know, there shouldn’t be rules, just be free!
Lynn: You’re an inspiration to me in particular, what advice would you give to someone out there who is looking forward to starting up a business?
Anita: Thank you Lynda. My advice is if you want to start a business, definitely you should love whatever it is else you would get frustrated and would no longer be innovative. Learn more about the business from experts but go in with an open mind. ever look at others as competitions. Just keep pushing, keep yourself inspired and most of all have a vision of where you want to see your business, create pictures in your mind and it will come through in time!
Ms Makor has just been nominated for the Abuja Young Entrepreneurs Awards, please click HERE to vote.
To get your designs, visit the Ms Makor outlet at:
Address: Shop FC 38 A & B, Old Banex Plaza Extension, Plot 750, Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse II, Abuja., Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.
Email Address: msmakor@yahoo.com
Twitter: @Msmakor

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