If you haven’t read the Part 1 of this article, plsss read it HERE before you proceed. A lot of people have the mindset of “dressing to kill” and this drives them to do crazy things just to fit into a particular class and in the end kill their bank account. The question is always HOW can this be done? In the Part 1 of this article, I gave 7 tips on how to look like a million dollars without spending a million dollars and promised to give more tips on what kinda clothes best suit your body shape; what accessories to match your outfit; colour combination, how to pair your clothes, and finally your composure/poise/charisma. After all is said and done; if you cannot compose yourself, your fashion sense would be incomplete. 

So I’ll be showing you how I wore one yellow blazers with two different outfits and how I paired them for different occasions (Church and work). I also wore the leopard skin skirt twice – to church and work. Let’s get started.
I wore this to church, the colour combination had two flashy colours so I had to tone it down with black bag and black shoe. Since I had a statement necklace, I used a very smal earing. You don’t want to be too loud or too flashy. 

Outfit details: Blazers & Bag-Zara (£40/birthday present at previous job), Skirt-Select.com (£8), Shoe-Bershka (£20), Singlet top-Primark (£2.50), Statement necklace-Miss Selfridge (Can’t remember how much),  Belt-Newlook (£8)

Bear in mind that all these items were bought at different times. After going through fashion blogs, before your eyes start coveting the items; go back to part 1 of this article and read tips No 3 – Shop According To The Size of Your Wallet. You look great even if you’re wearing a £1 dress, it all depends on how you pair your clothes.

This second outfit was to work so I didn’t really bother with any accessory; I already posted some of the pictures on Instagram so I’ll post just two here. The idea behind pairing these items was just to add little colour to the black and white so I used the blazer to make the outfit less dull and then a pink bag with pink belt. Again, black shoes will always keep it simple and tone down the colour.  Pls ignore the poor picture quality*covers face*

Outfit details: Blazers & Bag-Prada(£40/£…google it), Shoe-Bershka (£20), Top & Trouser -Primark (£4/£12), Belt-Forever 21 (£3)

This is the same leopard skin skirt in the first pix collage and I wore it to work. This time I used a simple necklace, combined with a little touch of red. 

Outfit details: Shirt-H&M (£25), Bag-Celine (£…google it), Skirt/Shoe-Select.com (£8/£15), Necklace-Forever 21 (£8)

From these outfits, you can see that all it takes is knowing what fits, what colour combinations to pair and how to accessorize. When shopping, pick clothes you’re comfortable; the leopard skin skirt is “body-con” and was bought early last year so even when I lost a few pounds of weight it still fit. 

For accessories, don’t be too loud – if you’re wearing a statement necklace it is advisable to use a small earring and vice versa. Most times you accessorize based on the occasion you’re going for, sometimes simplicity is required and other times you can bring out the gaga in you. The three outfits were to work and church so I decided to keep it simple.

Price – life is in stages and phases, buy what you can afford at your level. Don’t compare yourself with anyone; you can re-rock your outfits like I did but pair them differently. If you love what you’re wearing and it fits well, step out of your house confidently and walk like a queen. If you still don’t understand, please read tip No 4 (Prioritize – Buy What You Need NOT What You Want) in Part 1 of this article.

When buying items, I give priority to bags, shoes – then accessories before the clothes. You can wear any simple outfit but your bags, shoes & accessories distinguishes you. Some people don’t really care about bags/shoes; just do what suits you. It all depends on what you want, what you feel comfortable doing and what you’re happy with.  

Now you’re ready to dress to kill

I’ll love to read your thoughts….

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