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Something to learn: Follow your dreams. Whatever you want to do, it’s never too late to start; discover that talent inside of you and harness it. I like the fact that parents today allow their kids to pursue their talents.

When I was younger, same age with Malaki I know all I ever wanted to do was stay on the computer and tap buttons. I joined the computer club in secondary school and I liked everything that had to do with technology, when friends buy new phones I usually teach them how to access the functions even without reading a manual. I literally sit in front of a computer and explore, learning new things every day with no help from any tutor. I knew what I wanted to study in the university – Computer Engineering but daddy won’t let me. He always said ‘choose between medicine, pharmacy or law’, engineering is for boys’  (loll). I was so sad but I couldn’t choose for myself then and somehow found myself as a medical student in the university, a course I never wanted especially as I can’t even stand the sight of blood or the hospital environment itself. To cut the long story short, I couldn’t follow my heart as a child but as I grew older I took few courses in IT and till date I still learn about IT.

So dear readers, when your child has a talent and wants to pursue it…encourage them. My younger brother Alex wants to be a professional footballer and also has a passion for music/dance. Unlike me, dad allowed him follow his dreams (maybe cos he’s the last child), he also encouraged him by getting him into the young team of Pepsi Football Club. So while studying he goes for his practice and has been a good defender and  a very great entertainer on the dance floor.
Lexy at 10 doing what he loves, sorry I couldn’t get his football pix.

It’s good to discover these talents at a young age so that you will channel your focus towards actualizing that dream. Looking at Malaki and Alex, I can imagine what they will become in the future.  If you have a talent…GO FOR IT, explain to mum & dad; i’m sure they’ll understand and encourage you. If you discover it late, there’s still time for you to pursue it. As an adult it could even be a second source of income outside your regular job. I’ve seen engineers become chefs (Edoro Abebe-CEO Vanilla Restaurant, Abuja); another engineer turned photographer (Jide Alakija photography), lawyer turned actress (Funke Akindele a.k.a Jenifa), Harvard graduate of Economics turned basket-ball player (Jeremy Lin – plays for New York Knicks). I could go on and on with different people who discovered their talent and turned it into a treasure. Same can happen for you. Just GO FOR IT.

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