You cannot change yesterday but you can do something today that will change tomorrow; you can re-position yourself today and take decisions that will change what tomorrow will be…  

Believe in what God made…YOU, he never makes a failure so you cannot fail. There are certain things you need to do to make your future a reality – make every day count in your life, make good use of your time. Invest in yourself, improve yourself everyday, distinguish yourself, do whatever you do with excellence, put your best into anything you do. Success is waiting for the man who says “YES” to it, the man who plans for it, the man who says I will wake up and wakes up without hitting the snooze button; the man who says I will do this thing and goes ahead to do it. Opportunity meets preparation. Don’t spend your time watching movies 24 hours a day; those you’re watching have put their best into what you’re watching. Tell yourself “I will be watched”. Challenge yourself for the future, there’s room for you at the top; train your mind and use it; give yourself to a tutor. If you train your mind it will be ready to deliver to you the right thoughts and ideas that will earn you commercial value. There’s no poverty for the man who has made an investment in his mind and is willing to act; there is no hunger for the man who has trained his mind to think through a problem and render solutions. 

This was a 4:40mins recording from one of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s messages and I have replayed this over 50 times #no exaggeration. It will be very selfish of me not to share this message with you because I know it will inspire and motivate someone to do something about his/her future. Just as our physical body becomes what we consume, so is our mind and soul; I have been feeding myself with this message and my mind has been running marathons with ideas that I cannot wait to unleash. These are the kind of words I invest into my mind to constantly stay motivated, encouraged and inspired. So on Tuesday I was down with flu and couldn’t go to work; but instead of lying down all through and sulking at my indisposition, I let my mind get to work. It’s amazing how much we can do if only we overlook some limitations and tell yourself “I can do this”. You…yes you reading this article, you have something in you that is waiting to be found and explored. You just have to believe in yourself cos God never made a failure. 

So what did I do on Tuesday? I became a designer/tailor/seamstress without a machine. I did not let the fact that there was no machine discourage me; I had 24 hours to myself and knew I could achieve something. I already had a tape, I had the skirt, I had needle and thread, scissors, but no machine. Guess what else I had… my hands and my mind. 

The skirt was an ashoebi for a friend’s traditional wedding in June but since then I had never worn it. I thought of how such a beautiful material could go to waste and ideas started running through my mind. I love fashion and have a passion for putting simple outfits together to create a unique look. Find something you’re passionate about and explore it … if you are willing to dig deeper, you’ll find out so much that you never knew you could do. So, I laid the skirt on my bed and started thinking…..

I knew what I wanted after staring at the skirt for a while so I started getting measurements, cutting, ironing to hold down the hem before hand-sewing.

Next I cut out the triangles on the material , got one of my black tops and sewed it to make a small triangle just by the side of the top #creativity. I wanted it to look like a dress when I wore it so I used a belt. 

 And this is the finished product…

This is what happens when you explore your passions – what is that thing which interests you or that thing you find yourself always talking about? Have you given it a deeper thought? There’s greatness within you and you’ll only find it when you dig deeper. This is my journey to FASHION DESIGNING….did you think I’ll stop here? Noooooo; I already have sketches which I have drawn; currently checking out the materials I will use to create the designs and yeah… saving to buy my first sewing machine. Meet me at the top, there’s enough room to take all of us. If I can do it, you can too…. let’s go there!!! #teamgreatness #explore #dig-deeper #greatness-awaits #invest-in-your-mind 

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