Gazing into the skies, I was somewhat perturbed by the fact that July had come – meaning it was the second half of 2014 and I was yet to accomplish some of my goals for the year. I felt restless, bitter and unaccomplished; not wanting to wallow in self-pity, I decided to take a walk round the estate. Before I left the house, one of my friends sensed that I wasn’t in my usual high spirit and asked why, I couldn’t hold back so I told her how I felt.  With a big smile on her face, she looked at me and said, “trust me, you have every cause to be happy, if you feel this way, then I should feel worse since I’m older than you”. I walked away to have my estate tour but her words resounded in my head like a loud gong.
Many of us have placed certain expectations on ourselves and made plans/written goals to be achieved at a particular time but sometimes we do not meet up with expectations or meet deadlines set for these goals. While having my estate tour, I walked past the security men at their duty post; I passed by the pool side and saw the young man who keeps the place clean always listening to his little radio and laughing occasionally at the jokes from the radio station. Further down was the warden at the supermarket/pharmacy who always holds the door open for customers while welcoming them with a smile. My thoughts drifted to the hawkers on the street, these people work very hard under the sun and in the rain; and some of them don’t sell anything at all for a whole day but yet come out the next day with the same zeal and determination to earn a living.
In my wandering thoughts was my defining moment – that moment of truth when I realized that I was being unfair to myself and bantering over nothing instead of being grateful to God and content with the life He has given me. It would be inappropriate to

appraise myself based on the expectations I set for myself; certain things happen during the course of the year – most good & most bad and some beyond our control so what is written down on paper will never be a true justification for success or being accomplished. These thoughts brought some relief to me, and I started making my way back home.



Just like me, some people have placed some expectations for themselves and not being able to realise it may make you feel unhappy, unaccomplished or think you are a failure. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to feel that way; being alive and kicking is enough reason to be content with life and wear a smile on your face. Don’t beat yourself up because things didn’t go as planned, there are people praying to reach half of your accomplishments, we should be content but not complacent. Being content in this context means you are happy with how far you’ve come but not giving up on your dreams or goals; it means you accept that you have made a considerable progress but there is room for growth, the zeal to keep moving forward, pushing against all odds to make your dreams come true. Discover your passion, set your sail and go for it; drive yourself to improve your mind and abilities and always remember – you’re not a failure until you fail to stop trying.


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