Unic Mwana is a fashion designer based in Washington DC. He is an artist with an extraordinary talent in men’s outfit and also very skilled at portrait drawings and sketches. When you think of class and style, he is definitely one of the dope guys who comes to mind. His sense of fashion covers all areas of outfits, casual, corporate etc. Unic shares his love for fashion with LynnVille and few thoughts about his sense of dressing. 

LynnVille: What inspires your designs?
Unic: I am inspired by beautiful art. As an artist my creativity has always been deep and very futuristic so even as a designer, I choose to use my art creativity on clothes. 

LynnVille: What are your views about fashion/style?
Unic: As for my fashion style, I have always been fashion forward – inspired by Europeans styles but created my own trend cause I hate doing what everybody does. I started off by putting clothes together and just go out and the public always had some positive feed-backs, so to end my fashion is more of artistic work.


It’s normal that guys love ladies who dress well, look good, classy with good shoes and good hairstyles. But sometimes you forget that these ladies want you to do same too. I’ll give you tips on some of the things we look at *winks* – Your shoes, belts, wristwatch, hair-cut, shirt, poise etc. Guys, plsss try and put in a little effort especially when going on dates, business meetings and your games. Know what outfit to match for each occasion. No matter where you’re going … look cool, classy and stylish, just like Unic.

AH-MAZING!!! For a second I wished to be a guy and actually dress like this. In church, this month is our month of strengthening and I’ve brought you something to strengthen your wardrobes loll. There’s something about class, anywhere you go to it makes you stand out from others.

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