CELEBRATING A SUPER-STAR…Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Whenever I look at Pastor Chris, I imagine how heaven rejoiced on the birth of this wonderful man. Just by his birth ,many lives has been changed, I can BOLDLY say I am one of those who Pastor Chris has affected even before I joined Christ Embassy.  If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you must be conversant with the kinda posts I send; most of all the articles posted on this blog all came through inspiration from my wonderful pastor. My mentor, father, director, boss, super-star, champion, my tutor, my role model, a light to the world … I can go on and on. There’s just something about this man that if I start writing, I’m sure the word count for this post will be enough for a dissertation. He is not just a man but God’s vision on a mission, I’m glad he said YES to God’s call on his life and i’m grateful to God to be a part of that vision. Below are numerous things that have happened through this man:

1)INNER CITY MISSIONS:  An arm of the ministry that takes care of children, shelter, feed, educate and cater for all their needs. His motto says”Every child is your child”…He just has the heart of God.

2) REACH OUT CAMPAIGN: This happens in every country where there’s a Christ Embassy church and what exactly is Reach Out? Independence day in every country is celebrated and this is an avenue where we give back to our nation and reach out to the citizens. Pastor has taught us not to ask what the government will do for us but we should ask what we can do for the government; a ma with the heart of giving.  For example in Nigeria, Reach out campaigns visit hospitals and donate ambulances, the things that the government and the corrupt leaders were supposed to do but embezzle the money, Pastor Chris started a vision that will take responsibility for this. I have attached a video of Reach Out Nigeria 2011 below, it’ll inspire you. When you’re a part of a vision this big, you’re excited to know that you’re participating in giving lives a meaning.

3) INTERCESSION: It all started in June 2010 when we started praying for the whole world every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 12 pm and 10 pm. We pray for nations, for the sick, for children, families, name it….anything and everything.  I remember sometime last year we prayed specifically for kids and that day a child fell from a 3 storey building and nothing happened to her, not even a scratch. Yeah..miracles happen. Believe it. Pastor Chris is an intercessor, he has totally given of himself to be relevant to his generation. How will you not be proud to be associated with such a man.

Three things you should know about Pastor Chris….His love for God, His fellowship with the Holy-Spirit and His passion for the gospel. 

He’s a man of valour he is indeed, full of wisdom and knowledge. One look at him and you know that is a man after God’s heart. There was a man send to the world, and his name was…..CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Under his tutelage, I have learnt how to pray effectively, I have learnt how to recreate my world; I’ve learnt how to anticipate evil; how to walk with God; how to work the word; that we’re beautiful people from a beloved country; I’ve understood the 7 things the holy spirit will do for me and in me; I’ve learnt that I can live with none of these diseases; I’ve learnt to be a missionary christian; I now know that I’ve been Enthroned cos I have a goodly heritage in Christ Jesus. I know the power in the name of Jesus and have also learnt about yielding to the spirit. From his teachings I have the recipe for success; when you look at me you’ll know that I play by a different set of rules cos I know how to take possession of what belongs to me. heheheee….if I don’t stop I may just burst out with tongues. There’s so much to say about my man of God, I love love love love infact I heart him. You want to know why? Go back to the top and start reading this article again and also read the verse below.

2nd Chronicles 20:20 – Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe and remain steadfast to His prophets and you shall prosper. (No be me talk am)


PS: The underlined sentences are Pastor Chris’ books and teachings. To get further info visit Christ Embassy Official Site and also join the best social network Yookos (You Own The Kosmos-world)

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