Hi lovelies, I trust you all had a great week. It’s been a while I wrote a success-inspirational article and today I’m going to share with you on a topic I’ve been meditating on for a very long time from my pastor’s message – Building Yourself for Greatness. 

Success is NOT an accident and anybody can be a success but you have to prepare for it because the future belongs to those who prepare for it. We all have dreams and goals, but it’s not enough to be a dreamer because there are lots of dreamers who never achieved their dreams. It’s good to dream, but don’t get lost in the dream; get up and make it happen. Life has made provisions for everyone to achieve their dreams if you follow the right principles. Never blame anybody for failure cos it’s just NOT an option for you. Make up your mind to be a key player not a spectator; don’t live on the sidewalks…be the one to make things happen. 

Some people want it to happen
Some wish it could happen
Others make it happen
-Michael Jordan-

We all have a seed of greatness deposited inside of us from the point of conception; what you do with that seed is up to you – whether to grow it into greatness or to let it lie

dormant inside you while you blame everyone for your situation. Explore your mind and bring out the best in you; there’s more to your life than you can ever imagine cos you were destined for greatness. There are few tings you need to do to prepare and build yourself for greatness; these are:

  1. Cultivate a discontent with mundanity and mediocrity in your life: Refuse to be satisfied with anything that is not excellent (it doesn’t make you an extremist, it just makes you someone of excellence).  Never mind critics – they are only spectators who sit on the sidewalks and watch the players; they will definitely talk about you and say things to pull you down. Please pay them no attention and no matter what you do, BE THE BEST.
  2. Drive yourself to improve your mind and abilities: Seek ways to improve yourself; come out of your comfort zone and do things differently. Sometimes you have to stretch yourself beyond your limits; if you have decided to be the best then you have to work towards it and make a decision to keep doing it until you become the best. Cultivate/sharpen/harness your skills, invest in your mind-start reading the right materials – do things differently. Make sacrifices if the need be and run with the right crowd. To live a positive life, you need to surround yourself with positive people.
  3. The “unseen you” is the one to make you a success – train that man/woman: The real you is the inner man where your thoughts are processed  and this is where your greatness lies so don’t let that “you” be intimidated no matter what. You may have grown up in an environment where you were ridiculed, mocked and as a result you never thought you could become great. Truth is, it doesn’t matter what happened in your past – if your past does not inspire you; drop it and focus on creating a beautiful future ahead. Reprogram your mind and thinking from that shy, quiet, timid young boy/girl to a bold, strong and courageous man/woman.
  4.  Don’t let the memory of the past stop you: If your past does not inspire you, dump it. If you feel terrible, cry or have regrets anytime you remember your past, let it go cos it’s not good enough for your future. Don’t be a slave to your past – focus on what lies ahead. 
  5. Don’t let anything stop you: Your journey to greatness will bring you to many obstacles/roadblocks but don’t let them stop you. If you ever encounter a road without obstacles, it’s probably cos it’s leading nowhere. A road that leads to greatness will have some walls to challenge you; this will test and try you. It could come in different forms – negative words from critics, you may fail the first time, betrayal, etc. However it comes, don’t let it get to you – fight the fight of faith and keep trying. If you fail seven times, rise up eight times and keep at it.

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. 
If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work through it – Michael Jordan
I see greatness in you, wake up and run with your dreams till you achieve your desired goal. Have a great weekend

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