Rejuvenated, Revamped, Refurbished, Restyled…I just couldn’t find the perfect word to define the beauty that has been recreated using African prints. It could be a simple skirt but there’s just something unique about these prints that adds a spark to your total outlook. Back in the 1990s, my mum usually kept her “hollandis” and “adire” materials for tying on the waist with the traditional scarf but today, even mumsy has rejuvenated her wardrobe with the new trends. I just ca’t over-emphasize my love for African designs; I stumbled upon these lovely paired combos of African prints made by and immediately fell in love with them. I can’t wait to get my materials ad send them to the tailor cos they’re just so on-point.  Hope you all had a great day…and hope you love the combos I have selected to share with you. I’m proud to be African, omo naija. 

I fell in love with this purple one shoulder dress…
 This is a perfect combo for work.. (pls button up oh before…*coughs*)

Guys, would you be brave to pull off these African print trousers? I think I love it with the shoes (on-point)
Yours Truly.. (covers face) I have to show my African print combo na. So this is how I went to work 
So tired after work plus hunger but….we  must-to-snap pishure
Hope you guys loved it..XOXO

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