Fashion is said to revolve/recycle and we can clearly identify most of the styles and designs our mums and grannies wore back in the days which are now fully in vogue.  The high waist skirts, belly belts, afro hair, wedges, pencil jeans, etc.  What fascinates me about all of this is that no matter which angle fashion chooses to go, the traditional fashion (Ankara) never looses its value. It is a traditional/African material with a combination of art, colour, design and history. The graphic designs on these fabrics mingle with colors and creates a blend of style and splendour. These days ankara is no longer seen as the two-piece wrapper back in the days, it has been refined to a more classy state.

With the colour-blocking trend, ankara is not left out and has succeeded in bringing out the glamour in African fabrics. See the pictures below for different ways to enjoy your ankara fabrics. I call it Ankara RE-DEFINED.

Eku Edewor rocking this lovely blue patterned fabric with a lovely yellow top

I love this fashion diva…rocking ankara as a lovely designed dress for outings.

I hope you liked it, its time to go to mama’s tinker box(lolll, my granny had one), dig out those materials and turn on your glamour on.


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