It all started on a Sunday morning by 8.07am, a cry was heard on the hall-way of Sancta Maria Hospital and everyone in the waiting room leapt with joy. It was the 15th of February 198(?), a baby girl was given as a blessing to a certain family somewhere in the eastern part of Nigeria. A bundle of joy as many will call it, but that day marked the beginning of my journey on earth as a WOMAN. Days turned to weeks, months, and years but as I grew older, I began to understand the precepts of being a woman. Mum will always tutor me on how to sit, stand, walk, talk – the total composure of a woman and during my teen years I’ll never forget something she said to me “Don’t let a boy touch you cos if it he does, you’ll become pregnant” (lol). I starred at her with my eyes and mouth wide open, engulfed with the fear of the unknown. But in my early 20s, I realised that mum said those words to keep me focused and to be careful with guys. At 21, I had the opportunity to live on my own (freedom of NYSC); away from mum and dad – it was time to experience the world for myself. Who I chose to be from that day will determine my future as a woman.
With time, I got to realise that there is so much expectation from you as a woman; in the family, at work and the society at large. But the most important is to live up to that which God has made you to be – your true value, far above rubies. After so much thought, I narrowed it down to one question, WHO AM I? Who you are as a woman defines your total personality and serves as a platform on which you stride through life. But it’s so unfortunate that many women do not know who they are. Leaving my family at such a young age was a big step, NYSC took me to Abuja where the highs and tides of life was in its full splendour; more like “living la vida loca”. I could have easily been swayed and bamboozled by the flashy lights, Porsche cars, high life, sumptuous offers that came with being a marketer in a bank etc. Why am I telling you this? As a lady, you should not allow your environment to influence you, instead carry your own atmosphere everywhere you go. Light up your world with the glow that shines from within; don’t be tossed around by superficial gestures, you should be able to discern the things that will add value to your life and things that would not. In spite of all I experienced during my stay, I never forgot who I was, I knew I had a worth that could only be treasured by one who knows my real value. What I saw on the streets of Abuja which has now become the norm for some ladies makes me ask another question – What value have you placed on yourself as a woman?
As much as we need that special care and attention, you don’t have to reduce yourself so low to get it. I once heard a man say that if only women knew their worth, 95% of the sin in the world will be averted and to some extent I think this is true. Ladies, you need to understand that you are a blessing to your world, you were made for glory, to be a source of comfort, a help-meet, a woman of valour, to be adored and cherished. When you forget this, you find yourself running after people and in turn becoming a shadow of yourself. You need to recognise the quality you were made of, there’s so much greatness deposited inside of you. Don’t let it waste, let the beauty inside radiate on the outside, live from the inside-out; let the true value show and only then will you value yourself.  Don’t throw yourself on a guy because he has promised you diamonds and pearls, don’t stalk him because he is rich and you think you can acquire goodies from him, NO – you can achieve so much with what you have inside and he’ll come running after you. Dress properly, be smart, think big, speak with courtesy, act with dignity, talk less, listen more, don’t lose your smile (it does some magic) and above all learn to walk with God. With Him you’ll discover your true identity and learn to value yourself cos you’re worth more than you think.

(by Kimberly Renee’ Rawls)
(Athens, AL, USA)
A woman’s worth is determined by
how much she values herself.
If her thoughts of herself are dwindling,
then the same will be true of her wealth.
I recognize that I am a treasure
bearing rubies, diamonds, and gold.
My treasure has not been found yet,
    and its whereabouts will remain untold.
 One day someone shall find me and
      a fortunate man he will be.
                                                           He will open the lock and finally release
                                                    all the beauty of his woman to be.
                                                                    With confidence I will shine like the diamonds
                                                 that once were hidden inside.
                                                            My wealth will be more than rubies,
                                                     for no price can be put on my life.
                                                     Like gold I’ll be tried in the fire,
                                                      and I’ll come out as pure as can be.
                                                    And that day shall be reminiscent
                                          as the era in my life,
                                                            when a treasure was found in me.                                              

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