If you were to meet your younger self, what will you tell him/her? What would you wish you were told when you were younger? After listening to Tyler Perry’s letter titled “Note to Self”, I decided to write this letter to mini me and hope it inspires someone at their early stage of life who may need to hear this little piece of advise.
My dearest angel,

you’re so strong strong at such a tender age; with so many unanswered questions and thoughts running through your mind. You wish there was a way of escape – somewhere you could express yourself or someone to share these thoughts with. One of the things troubling you is the words from dad; I want you to understand that he doesn’t really mean those words and he loves you even though he has the weirdest ways of showing it. Those words were to make you stronger so you can face the world. You wish you were a boy because daddy wanted a son as his first child and you think he’s disappointed at you. No he’s not…he’s proud of you but wants you to be a tough & smart girl. Just like every other man, he’s soft inside but hard on the outside, love him anyways. You cry all the time cos a  lot has happened in your family but don’t worry everything is gonna be alright. Keep putting a smile on mummy’s face – she’s proud of you and loves you so much. You took up a big responsibility at a very young age and you kept wondering – why me?

You will understand in the future that you are a leader-in-the-making and with leadership comes responsibilities.

Honestly, you ask too many questions for a girl your age; you’re very inquisitive and want to know everything now. Some questions may not have an answer for now so you just have to be patient and watch God unravel the mystery and beauty of your life. Don’t be quick to explain yourself everytime someone has an opinion about you and don’t get hurt when people say things about you that aren’t true. How many people do you want to explain to? Understand that people will always talk whether you do right or wrong; so just be yourself and do what is right in the sight of God. Never let the opinon of others affect your positive spirit. Keep your light aflame and use it to illuminate your world.

I’m still trying to understand why tears run down your cheeks whenever Brandy’s songs play on the stereo. You’re such a lover-girl…lol, thank God you were not burn on 14th Feb. The issue of love is one you’re still trying to figure out; I would have told you that love is tough and could be painful but I won’t cos I want you to have your own experience and define love for yourself. The few things I can say is – love yourself first, love passionately, be honest and never loose your personality in a relationship. Learn to forgive those who have hurt you, it’ll help you move on peacefully and still be able to love again. Most importantly, never let a broken heart stop you from loving again (sure you remember this lyrics from your BoyzIImen album). Lastly, whatever happens… don’t stop loving. Men are like babies, you need to be patient to understand them. When you find the one, never stop praying for him. Above all – marry your best friend.

About your future, your dreams are way too big for this your small head (but it’s good to dream big). Not everything you want will come so easily; sometimes you have to PUSH until something happens. Determination and focus are the key factors to achieving your goals; so many things will try to  distract you but don’t lose your focus. You’re hardworking so I know you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way. Life  is what you make of it, choose to see the positive side of life. Keep being strong, keep smiling, keep inspiring others, bring out the sunshine in you, light up your world and give life your best shot. You’re destined for greatness.

I’m proud of you.

Lots of love
Older Self

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