Sometimes I like to deceive myself that I am normal or at least make other people believe so; but truth is this girl is a bit of a weirdo (we all can’t be normal abi). Imagine what this world will be like if we were all normal, hence the need for a little bit of crazy to balance the ecosystem.

Without boring you, I’ll just go straight to the point –
I function better at night: I am usually awake when others are asleep, for example I’m writing this article by 2:15am. Ok…..don’t give me that look (I no be winch abeg). So it started in 2010; I used to be normal before I went to England, life was simple – work during the day and sleep at night. Everything was alright until I met Managerial Accounting, my worst nightmare; how does a pure science student pass this tough module while competing with other students from finance and accounting background? The fear of failure changed me; I had to study Managerial Accounting every day and that was when I noticed my brain functions 10 times faster at night than during the day. After the normal day’s routine, my body/brain needs to rest so between the hours of 7pm – 11/12.30am, my brain goes to rest but from 1am, it becomes very active. Weird right? Lollll
I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): Hhhmmmm….. this one ehn, I just tire for myself sha but I can’t help it. Yes, I’ll blame it on my dad – he will make us clean the whole house, every nook and cranny and after we don work like 5hours, he will still tell us the places we cleaned are dirty. I eventually grew up and realised that I can’t stand any form of dirt, stain, disarranged environment or spillage. I make a conscious effort to overlook somethings when I go out but somehow the craze wey dey inside will still crawl out; I can ask a waiter to change a bottle of water if I see any form of dirt on the body. Don’t worry, my case is not that bad; I have met people worse than me (they are reading this and they know themselves #worldpeople). On a brighter side though, OCD patients take very good care of things put in their custody.
I fix my weaves myself: eerrmmm….. this may sound scary but I can pull out my head, fix my weaves and put the head back. You don’t believe me right? I didn’t think you will. Ok, my hands are really blessed so I can twist it towards the side, front or back to make the cornrows after which I will sew the weave to my hair. There is no other explanation than this except you want to actually see me do it…. Doubting Thomas, you cannot come to my house jor so just believe it.
Do you still think I’m normal? I was going to write 5, but I thought to stop at 3 so you won’t write me off completely (lollll).
Have a Fantastic Friday and a great weekend ahead.


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  1. nosabank - March 18, 2016 at 11:03 am

    Well..this sounds very normal…Lol @OCD

  2. chubike - January 27, 2017 at 8:04 am

    Weirdo! Thank goodness you’re not alone in that


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