HAPPY NEW YEAR dearest readers. Welcome to 2013, a glorious year with great FAVOUR and unimaginable things to unfold. Are you ready??? You better be cos there’s so much to expect. 

First I’ll like to apologise for being silent all these while; it’s been two and half years since I last visited Nigeria and I don miss Naija too much especially family and friends. So I spent Christmas in Nigeria, ate all the isi ewu (goat head), oha soup, afang soup, kilishi, bush meat, ugba etc. You know that feeling you get when you leave home and come back to see your younger ones all grown up so much that they’re now taller than you (not funny). I was impressed, not just grown up in height but in maturity too; I was a fulfilled elder sister cos that means I laid a good example for them. I also got to re-unite with college friends who I haven’t seen for almost 5 years. The whole experience was fun!!! The pictures below say it all.
Yours truly…simple but stunning
Before leaving the house for Onyi’s wedding

More Pictures after the cut…

Igbinedion friends at Onyi’s wedding, L-R Nonye, Uju, Nkiru and yours truly…moi
Guiness Book of Records award winner for World’s best mum 
Moi and Oluchi at Onyi’s wedding
Music meets runway..The dance machine in the family, Alex
The family model.  Barrister turned fashionista- Oge
Shakara master- Chi-Chi
Oge n the best uncle in the world
Ebony beauty, the gentle and gorgeous Ify
Moi at Ohafia, Abia State, Naija
The Igbinedion family at Onyi’s wedding
Franklyn didn’t come home this Christmas, hoping he joins the fun this year.
Ma siblings, miss them muchos; twas fun all the way. They’ll kill me if they see this pix
Pweety angels….serious modelling oh (loll) . Still glowing without make-up
Hope you liked what you saw…loll. 


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