16 Fashion Items A Lady Must Have and Why

1.     BIG HAND BAG: A good handbag cannot be over-emphasized as it’s in our DNA as ladies, to carry almost everything in our handbag – make up, hand-cream, phone.  charger, I-pad etc; you’ll need a big bag that can accommodate all your daily essentials. It is advisable to choose a good quality leather black handbag – black will compliment any colour of dressing you choose to wear.

2. CLUTCH BAG:  A clutch bag is a necessary fashion item for every woman when going for any occasion. This bag completes your glam look for the night and this time you don’t need to carry a big bag because you’ll only need your most important items e.g. phone, keys, lip gloss.

3. SMALL HAND BAG:  The small hand bag is a fashion item that should be found in every girl’s closet. This is the bag you use when you want to carry not too much and still look classy. It can also be turned into a clutch bag for the night by tucking in the straps. Small bags are ideal for girls’ night out, casual outing with friends.

4. STATEMENT NECKLACE: Just as the name portrays, a statement necklace can make you stand out with any simple outfit. It adds a touch of class and glam to a woman’s total look.

5. GOOD PAIR OF JEANS: You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans that fit perfectly; they’re the perfect combination of comfort and style.  A jean is one outfit that you can wear to anywhere and still look good if paired with the perfect top. Find a perfect fit that flatters your body shape. For example if you have slim waist you can go for a high-waist jeans.

These pieces of jewelry add that

touch of glam & class. When you don’t want to seriously dress up, you can wear very simple outfits but add these items and turn your simplicity to classy.

7. A GREAT PAIR OF SUNGLASSES:  This fashion piece will help protect your eyes from the rays of the sun while adding a glamorous element to your total look.

8. PLAIN WHITE TOP (T-shirt, shirt, blouse) – It goes with everything; you can wear it with a blazers tucked under a jeans. With the recent re-definition and revamp of Ankara in Africa today, a white top can work with any design or colour of Ankara skirt or trouser
9. PAIR OF HEELS: This accentuates the overall poise of a woman; it brings out the lady in you when you walk. Asides the fact that it helps make your legs longer, it adds class and a form of sexiness to an entire ensemble. It creates

elegance no matter what you wear it with – dress, trousers, skirt, etc. Every lady MUST have heels to complete that charisma whether in the office, dinner, church etc. It MUST be comfortable. Black and nude colored shoes are the must have .

10. BLAZERS (Black & other colors)
A black blazer is an elegant, edgy, stylish, chic and smart item that must be in every woman’s wardrobe. A black blazer can be paired with virtually every colour and transforms your look just by changing the accessories and outfit. It can be worn over a top or dress; you can choose the high cut blazers (for a corporate & sophisticated look) or the boy-friend long blazers with turn-up sleeves (for the casual chic look). Black is a must-have and other colours can be acquired over time.
11. POWER FLATS (shoe/sandals) – Flats can add a distinctive look to any dress, pair of jeans or short. It’s the everyday foot wear for simplicity and comfort.      

12. LITTLE BLACK DRESS – This is a sexy and classy dress that every girl must have

especially for impromptu invites or dates. It is the dress you can pull off at any time; it can be turned from a day-wear to a night wear simply by changing your accessories and footwear (from heels to flats).

13. BELTS (waist/belly) – A lady can never have too many belts. With the recent trend in fashion, most dresses have more fitting and a sexy look when they are accessorised with a waist belt. For example maxi dress or jumpsuit has an elegant look with the touch of a waist belt. The belly belt also gives every woman a figure depending on your size. With a belly belt, you can make your waist look smaller creating the perfect figure. The waist belt will work well with jeans or any trousers to hold the outfit firm on your waist.

15. CLASSY SKIRT (pencil/flay): A fitted skirt is a necessary item in a woman’s wardrobe. It gives you that sexy but classy look. The pencil skirt compliments a woman’s figure and gives her the appearance of height with a flashy elegance. The midi flay skirt is the perfect outfit that adds an extra to your hips with the sway. It simply defines class.   

16. TANK TOP: Every woman should have a tank top. It’s important to have something in your wardrobe that you can just throw on when you feel like rocking a very simple look. They’re easy to pair with jeans, inside a blazers etc. with the right accessories.

BONUS:  A SMILE & CONFIDENCE- These are the most important fashion item every woman should have. No matter how fashionable a woman is, without confidence she will not be comfortable in what she’s wearing. A smile completes the total ensemble.                                            
Keep being fashionable…

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